Distributors’ and Contractors’ B2B Lounge

Distributors and Contractors from all around the world invite suppliers to B2B Lounge

The “Distributors’ and Contractors’ Lounge” was developed and supported by the distributors and contractors of some of the world’s largest Mega Projects. It will be through this Lounge that these distributors and contractors will meet with potential vendors, suppliers, and service providers seeking an opportunity to take part in road, bridge and tunnel projects all around the world.

Exhibitors and Sponsors of the Expo will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the meetings to be held in the Distributors’ and Contractors’ Lounge. The organization of these meetings will take place one month prior to the EXPO and based on the mutual consent of the parties involved.

The Distributors’ and Contractors’ Lounge will be one of the most important platforms for companies seeking to be vendors, suppliers, and service providers for the Road, Bridge and Tunnel projects all around the world.