About the Exhibition

The IRF Global Road2Tunnel Expo is the only international tradeshow of its kind dedicated to Road, Tunnel, and Bridge Construction. In short, IRF Global R2T Expo will be a one-stop shop to learn about the latest solutions, technologies and applications for the sector.

The Expo will bring together Buyers from around the world with over 1,000 visitors expected including:

  • Construction Equipment International Distributors
  • Deputy Ministers, Road Agency Directors and Director Generals
  • Chief Engineers
  • Owners of Large Multinational Contractor Companies
  • Consulting and IT Firms and US based DOT & State/Local Public Officials

Why attend with an exhibition booth?

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  • Raise your profile and strengthen your brand awareness
  • Position your brand as a market leader
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Expand your network
  • Meet key officials and decision-makers in the sector from around the world
  • Maximum ROI with exclusive access to a targeted audience
  • General leads
  • Keep up with latest trends and developments in the Sector


100′-300′ – $36 / net square foot
300′-999′ – $35 / net square foot
1000′ and up – $30 /net square foot

**IRF members benefit from a 20% discount on exhibition rates and sponsorship.

What is included ? (per 100 SqFt)

  • Pipe and drape (Linear booths include three side walls. Peninsula booths only have a back wall.)
  • Identification sign (Linear Booths)
  • Inclusion in the printed and online directory
  • 1 Conference Registration
  • 5 Exhibitor Passes
  • 2 chairs, 1 table, & 1 electrical socket
  • Discounted Hotel Rates for Exhibitors


Wednesday November 7, 2018 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thursday November 8, 2018 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday November 9, 2018 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

B2B Lounge

Distributors and Contractors from all around the world invite suppliers to B2B Lounge

The “Distributors’ and Contractors’ Lounge” was developed and supported by the distributors and contractors of some of the world’s largest Mega Projects. It will be through this Lounge that these distributors and contractors will meet with potential vendors, suppliers, and service providers seeking an opportunity to take part in road, bridge and tunnel projects all around the world.

Exhibitors and Sponsors of the Expo will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the meetings to be held in the Distributors’ and Contractors’ Lounge. The organization of these meetings will take place one month prior to the EXPO and based on the mutual consent of the parties involved.

The Distributors’ and Contractors’ Lounge will be one of the most important platforms for companies seeking to be vendors, suppliers, and service providers for the Road, Bridge and Tunnel projects all around the world.

Exhibition Guidelines

Exhibiting in a show is a very detailed process and is compounded when planning a show in another country. The following are some helpful hints to assist with show planning.


United States TermsInternational Terms
Drayage or Material HandlingFreight or Handling
Bill of LadingDelivery Order
Marshalling YardTruck Staging Area
CWT100 pounds/45 KG
RiggingAssembly or Disassembly
TrailerBox Vehicle


In the United States one company/vendor known as the general service contractor is the exclusive provider of the following services at the convention center:

  • All Hanging Signs – Exhibitors or their appointed contractors are not allowed to hang/rig their own hanging signs.
  • Freight Handling – Exhibitor can hand-carry or use a two wheel under most conditions. All equipment & materials requiring a fork lift, crane or other equipment to move or assemble must be done through the general service contractor (FREEMAN).
  • Freight Storage – Exhibitors cannot store empty crates or pallets in their exhibit booth.
  • Electrical and/or Plumbing Installation/Dismantling – These services need to be provided by the general service contractor.

The general service contractor for R2T Global Expo is FREEMAN


An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is any company other than the designated official contractors that the exhibitor appoints to provide services such as display installation and dismantling, models, florists, photographers, audio visual firms, etc. and need access to your exhibit any time during installation, show dates or dismantling.


  • Plan to ship early – with increasing security procedures causing delays to and from the United States, it is imperative that you meet the published deadlines.
  • Exhibit Booth Materials — Consider renting an exhibit package from FREEMAN to reduce the amount of materials you ship. The rental cost could be substantially lower than shipping.
  • How to ship – select ocean freight if your schedule allows for up to six weeks transit. Choose air freight for a much shorter transit time. Small ocean freight shipments (under one cubic meter) incur several minimum charges, so air freight is sometimes less expensive than sea freight.
  • Use a professional exhibition freight forwarder – forwarders without detailed exhibition experience and without a network of exhibitions specialists can make Customs and transportation mistakes. Avoid arriving to an empty booth.
  • Labeling and Packing – Clearly label each package with your company name, the name of the show and your booth number. Large labels work best. See the exhibitor resource center for more information. Be sure that your packing materials are adequate for both the means of transport and the sensitivity of your goods. Documentation – prepare a commercial invoice in English with complete descriptions and model/serial numbers. Include a packing list with the dimensions, gross and net weights of each package shipped.
  • Insurance – acquire adequate insurance to cover your exhibit to and from the show.
  • Country of Origin – U.S. Customs requires that all goods be permanently marked with their country of origin.

If you have any questions or general inquires, please contact us.

Innovative practices and technological advancements are the keys to the continued development of the road, tunnel, & bridge sector. As such, the contractors of the world’s biggest mega projects are looking for these innovations and technological advancements that can offer them efficient, effective and proven solutions with the understanding that innovation comes from companies both big and small.

The “Live Theatre” sessions will offer companies the opportunity to both share their knowledge with the participants and also promote their featured products.

The “Live Theatre” sessions will take place in 20-minute sessions and will enable the transfer of knowledge on important projects, sectoral developments and new technologies to interested institutions, organizations and companies.

Exhibition Sponsorship

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships are an effective way to create a connection and visibility with your customers. Through our customized sponsorship packages, you can build greater market awareness for your organization by increasing your exposure in front of top buyers and decision makers. There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available for your organization. Each level of sponsorship offers varying levels of conference and exhibition promotions.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

Organizations interested in taking advantage of the available sponsorship opportunities are encouraged to examine the choices below. Sponsorships are limited and subject to availability.

Sponsorship Opportunities


ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
Mobile AppLogo on all areas - exclusive sponsorship$10,0001
Push AlertsPush Notification on cell phones onsite$75010
Social Media PackageFacebook, Twitter & Instagram posts$100Unlimited
Targeted E-mail BlastEmail sent on behalf of exhibitor to attendee list during last 6 weeks$2,5004
Web AdsLogo on prominent pages of website$4,0003
Website Homepage SponsorLogo on R2T Global website home page$5,0001


ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
Back Cover$6,0001
Full Page Ad 4 color$3,500Unlimited
Half Page Ad 4 color$1,750Unlimited
Inside Back Cover$5,0001
Inside Front Cover$5,0001
LogoLogo printed next to directory listing$250Unlimited

New Products

ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
New Products Showcase Product entry in area where new products are displayedFREEUnlimited


ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
Badge LogoLogo on attendee plastic badges$4,0001
BagsLogo on bags for attendees to take materials$5,0002
Lanyards & PensLogo on badge lanyards and pens at registration$5,0002
Registration Email ConfirmationLogo on automated pre-registration email$2,5001
Registration CountersLogo on counters and wall in Registration area$3,0001
Charging Stations (4)Logo & message on stations to re-charge phones & laptops$5,0001
Package 1Logo & message on aisle sign, billboard and 1/2 page ad in Directory$4,500Unlimited

Show Floor

ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
Charging Stations (4)Logo & message on stations to re-charge phones & laptops$5,0001
Package 1Logo & message on aisle sign, billboard and 1/2 page ad in Directory$5,000Unlimited
Package 2Logo & message on aisle sign, carpet ad, 3 billboard ads & full page ad in Directory$9,000Unlimited
Wi-FiLogo on Wi-Fi login in page$10,0001


ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
Aisle SignsLogos added to aisle signs$1,000 each or 3 for $1,900TBD
Billboard SignsOne meter panels, double - sided$1,000Unlimited
Floor Graphic3'x5' graphic on floor$500 each or 3 for $1,200Unlimited
Hanging BannersHanging banners outside and inside$1,000Unlimited
Lighted KioskLogo & message on Lighted Rotating Kiosk - three sided, can order either one side, two, or all three$1,500 each or $3,900 for all threeUnlimited
Outdoor Column WrapColumn wrap in courtyard$2,500TBD
Shuttle Bus Tower SignsLogo & graphics on shuttle bays$2,500TBD
Welcome BannerBanner with show logo and sponsor logo on concourse$10,001


ItemDescriptionSuggested Price# Available
Information DeskCompany logo on information desk panels$7,5001
Locator MapPrinted map with exhibitor list and floorplan$5,0001
You Are Here BillboardsLarge maps of floor plan around show floor$5,0001

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