Conference Themes

Building the Transport Infrastructure of Tomorrow

The IRF Global R2T Conference is the new international meeting point where leading industry innovators, researchers, and stakeholders acquire essential engineering & business insights, and help build tomorrow’s transportation infrastructure today.

The Conference is co-located with the IRF Global R2T Expo featuring the top equipment and technology providers around the world and providing delegates with a first-hand look at the technology and products of tomorrow.

Conference Themes

1- Asset Management
1.1 Pavement & Bridge Management Systems (Research and Implementations)
1.2 Non-destructive Testing
1.3 Life Cycle Cost Analysis
1.4 Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Techniques

2- Innovative Materials and Technology
2.1 Concrete Materials (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete, Self-Healing Concrete, etc.).
2.2 Asphalt Concrete (Superpave Mixture Designs, Warm Mixtures, Use of Fibers, Polymers, Crumb Rubber, etc.)
2.3 Recycled and Waste Materials
2.4 Fiber Reinforced Polymers
2.5 Curing Compounds
2.6 Nano-Materials in Infrastructure Projects and Surface Treatments

3- Towards Zero Deaths
3.1 Road Risk Diagnosis & Road Safety Audit
3.2 Safer Streets by Design
3.3 Intersection & Roundabout Safety
3.4 Safety Information Systems & Apps
3.5 Protecting Vulnerable Road Users
3.6 Roadside/Median Safety
3.7 Work Zone Safety

4- Structural Design
4.1 Girder Bridges with Superior Structural Performance
4.2 Arch Bridges, Suspension, and Cable-Stayed Bridges
4.3 New Technologies in Accelerated Bridge Construction
4.4 Value Engineering

5- Tunneling
5.1 Conventional & Mechanized Tunneling
5.2 New Micro-tunneling Technology
5.3 Health Safety & Risk Management during Construction & Operations
5.4 Operation and Maintenance of Road Tunnels

6- Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs): Readying our Road Infrastructure
6.1 Big Data as a Key Enabler for Mobility Services
6.2 GIS Solutions for Highway & Road Management
6.3 City Street & Highway Design for CAVs
6.4 Smart Cities: from Concept to Reality