The Toyo tunnel project includes 18 tunnels divided into two sections. On the 26.01.2018 FCC Construccion began building section one, this section will improve connectivity between Medellin and the Uraba region. The road is 18.3 miles in length, two-ways with one lane in each direction and is being built in the municipalities of Canasgordas and Giraldo. It will include 17 bridges and 7 tunnels, from the T11 to the T18 for a total of 12.3 km, including the 9.84 km Toyo tunnel which will be the longest in the country and in Latin America.

From the first week of October 2018 works for the Toyo Tunnel access portal in the Buenos Aires area in the Municipality of Canasgordas will begin. The excavation will use 4 Boomers with 2 to 3 arms working 4 km from the exit portal and the remaining 5.84 km from the entry portal. The excavation of the Toyo’s safety tunnel began on the 10.08.2018, and this runs parallel to the main tunnel.

The project construction will take an estimated 6 years to complete at a cost of EUR392 million, 43% financed by the Government of Antioquia, 28% by the municipality of Medellin and 29% by the Colombian Government through Invias.