The Cappuccini gallery, is part of the tunnel works for the construction of the SS 1 Aurelia variant; access roads to the Savona harbour hub; the interconnection between the Savona and Albisola; A10 toll stations; the Savona and Vado ports in Savona. The gallery is a natural tunnel about 1,000 m long, with polycentric sections with variable internal diameters.

Ulma supplied the tunnel formwork consisting of modular MK elements which made them adaptable to the project sections.

Planimetrically, the layout foresees the advancement of the jets in the curve with an average longitudinal slope of 2% and altimetric variations of the route.

The casting phase is preceded by the laying of the reinforcement rods with the aid of the concrete laying wagon made with the MK structure, equipped with cantilevered work surfaces to work safely along the entire width of the excavation.

The use of the ULMA MK system for natural tunnels, makes it possible to easily adapt the main MK components to the different needs of the customer and to the different project sections.

The ULMA MK carriage is an extremely versatile structure, with a high capacity for resistance to jet pressures. It is also equipped with integrated safety elements such as work platforms and access systems at a height that can be customized according to the customer’s needs.