International – Word is emerging this week that the ongoing dispute over responsibility for tunnelling machinery safety in Europe between the European construction machinery safety committee CEN/TC151 and the European mining machinery safety committee CEN/TC196 has been resolved. A similar dispute at International Standards level between the same sector interest groups has also been resolved.
It is expected that CEN/TC151/WG4 will shortly seek a mandate from CEN member states for a full revision of EN 16191 “Tunnelling machinery – safety requirements” and EN 12110 “Tunnelling machines – Air Locks Safety requirements”. Historically TC151/WG4 has been dominated by German, Swiss and UK representatives with France to a lesser extent, and it seems that attempts are being made to widen the range of countries contributing to its deliberations.
It is also understood by sources that other machines which could be in line for future standardisation at CEN level include multi-service vehicles for use in tunnels and refuge chambers