A tunnel project is being planned in the Finnish city of Lahti. The tunnel section will form part of the Lahti Ring Road. The project is being carried out by the VALTARI consortium, which was set up to construct the Lahti stretch of the City of Lahti’s new Southern Ring Road on Main Road 12 in Finland. As well as the Lahti Southern Ring Road on Main Road 12, the project includes the improvement of the south access road on highway 167. The building work on highway 167 commenced in spring 2017, and the work on Main Road 12 is expected to commence in 2018. The members of the consortium comprise the Finnish Transport Agency, the City of Lahti, the Municipality of Hollola, Skanska Infra and Pöyry Finland, as well as Caverion. Caverion has responsibility for the tunnel’s technical systems including heating and sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning, cooling, electrics, information and communication services, security and safety, and traffic management.