A Mostostal Warszawa consortium has reportedly made the lowest bids to build three sections of the S19 from Nisko to Sokolow Malopolski in south-eastern Poland.

The consortium’s bid was just over €187 million in total. Other bids which were received from a Strabag consortium and a Budimex consortium.

Poland’s roads authority GDDKiA is expected to sign a deal in the second quarter of 2018 with work to start after mid-2019 and completion in 2021.

Meanwhile, contractor Warbud has signed deal with the GDDLiA to build a 2.5km section of Warsaw ring-road for nearly €94 million. The section will be of three 3.5m-wide lanes and a hard shoulder in each direction. Delivery is expected by mid-April 2021.

In north-western Poland, an agreement has been signed for more than €117 million of European Union support for construction of a section of the S6 dual carriageway. Work includes building around 54km of road as well as a number of service stations and six junctions.

The north-western contract is divided into three sections: Goleniow-Nowogard, Nowogard-Ploty and Ploty-Kielpino. The first of the sections is scheduled for completion in April 2019 and the third in May 2019.